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    Castles and Monuments
    Castles are historic heights-places, they allow to dive back into the universe of the Lords who lived there. Some of these monuments, as fortresses, symbol of power and power, are often marked by the wars of the Middle Ages. Others, as the castles of sailing are much more stylized and testify of the refinement of the Renaissance.
15 in Auvergne.
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Castle, Fort in Mauzun

Château-forteresse de Mauzun

Mireille Charrier Château de Mauzun 63160 Mauzun 63160 Mauzun (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 06 70 10 22 29

Castle, Fort in Riom


JM de Rocquigny 10, rue Soubrany 63200 Riom (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 38 02 48
An imposing monument of the eighteenth. Destroyed by fire in 1958. In works since 1995.

Castle, Fort in Murol

Chateau de Murol : visite guidée - visite animée

Château de Murol Château de Murol 63790 Murol (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 260 200  - Fax : 04 73 28 21 60
Visites guidées :
Des guides passionnés du Moyen-âge et particulièrement de l’histoire du Château de Murol vous content lors d’une balade d’environ 1h00, les aventures de cette incroyable ...

Castle, Fort in Saint-Rémy-de-Blot


MONIO Nathalie Blot le rocher 63440 Saint-Rémy-de-Blot (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 06 03 25 92 72
Visit the site of Château-Rocher, one of the last strongholds of the thirteenth century watching the valley and the medieval bridge Sioule Menat.

Castle, Fort in Saint-Sylvestre-Pragoulin

Chateau de la Poivriere

Chateau de la Poivriere Route de Saint Yorre 63310 Saint-Sylvestre-Pragoulin (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 06 68 00 63 63
Le Chateau de la Poivriere se situe en limite de l'Allier et du Puy-de-Dome, aux confins des deux anciennes provinces de l'Auvergne et du Bourbonnais.

Situé sur une motte feodale, dominant la ...
picture of Château de Parentignat
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Castle, Fort in Parentignat

Château de Parentignat

Anne-François de Lastic 7 place du Château - 63500 Parentignat 63500 Parentignat (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 89 51 10  - Fax : 04 73 89 32 20
The château of Parentignat was built between 1707 and 1720 by Anne-Francois de Lastic, Marquess of Sieujac and Captain of a Royal infantry regiment, on the foundations of an old fortress. The chateau ...

Castle, Fort in Aydat

Château de La Batisse

Office de Tourisme LAVE Le Lac 63970 Aydat (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 79 37 69
At the foot of the famous Gergovie plateau, on the green banks of a river, as beautiful as an engraving, La Batisse stands surrounded by French-style gardens, designed by Le Nôtre. With its ...

Castle, Fort in Aydat

Château de Saint Saturnin

Office de Tourisme LAVE Sauteyras 63970 AYDAT 63970 Aydat (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 79 37 69
In one of the fifty most beautiful villages in France, where we find a large Romanesque church, the Chateau of Saint Saturnin, a fief of the "La Tour d'Auvergne family", belonged to Queens Catherine ...
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