Sport and leisure, Ground sports in Auvergne

    Gentle or dynamic, these sports will fill up all family, of the smallest in the biggest. For pure feelings in the heart of the countryside go through ways and tracks by using fauna and flora either appreciate peace of a green or the calmness of a walk on horseback. For big shiver, leave to explore the depths of the earth by practicing the spéleologie or to climb at the top of cliffs with escalation.
31 in Auvergne.
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Ground sports in Marcillat-en-Combraille


Randonneurs des Combrailles Chaumeix 03420 Marcillat-en-Combraille (Allier)
Phone : 05 55 82 36 46
Séjours équestres dans gîte rural (we ou semaine)
Promenades à cheval d'une à plusieurs heures.
Randonnées à la journée.

Ground sports in Tauves

GAULOISE ATTITUDE tourisme équestre

Nicole SCARPITTA Le Trémoulet 63690 TAUVES 63690 Tauves (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 21 18 13
walks and excursions on horseback or in coupling. Horses Icelandic ponies. discovery of the horse for children. Open all year

Ground sports in Sauxillanges

Promenades a cheval

Centre équestre les KAT BALOUS LACOT 63490 Sauxillanges (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 71 79 20  - Mobile phone : 06 87 58 09 65
Promenade a cheval vue sur la chaine des puys, un cadre exeptionel, une passion au calme en toute securite

Ground sports in Ygrande

Les Ecuries du Château d'Ygrande

Pierre-Marie Tissier Château d'Ygrande, le Mont, 03160 Ygrande 03160 Ygrande (Allier)
Phone : 04 70 66 33 11

Ground sports in Orcival

ESCALADE : à l'assaut des volcans

Office de tourime Terres Dômes Sancy Le bourg 63210 Orcival (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 65 89 77  - Fax : 04 73 65 89 78
picture of Accompagnateur en Montagne
  • Low season of 13€ to 20€
  • Average season of 13€ to 20€
  • High season of 13€ to 20€
  • School holidays of 13€ to 20€

Ground sports in Saint-Bonnet-de-Salers

Accompagnateur en Montagne

Laurent BESNARD Tougouze 15140 Saint-Bonnet-de-Salers (Cantal)
Phone : 06 33 38 12 36
All along summer I offer each day a different thematic guided hiking within Cantal mountains :

Discover on foot wonderful volcanic landscapes shaped by glacial erosion,
Enjoy a diner at mountain ...

Ground sports in Aydat

Centre de Loisirs

Office de Tourisme LAVE Le Lac 63970 Aydat (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 79 37 69
Location VTT
mur d'escalade
sauna, hammam
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picture of Week-end "découverte" à cheval et balade en Auvergne
  • Restaurant menu 20 €

Ground sports in Retournac

Week-end "découverte" à cheval et balade en Auvergne

Chevalier Béatrice et Jean-Pierre Les Revers 43130 Retournac (Haute-Loire)
Phone : 04 71 59 42 81  - Mobile phone : 06 31 24 04 20
In the South of the Auvergne, we welcome you to our farm equestrian character, nestled in a spacious and green, in the heart of the Gorges of the Loire and the country of juices. Weekend "discovered" ...
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