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    It is the emphasising of art and of culture. Museums in permanent or temporary exhibitions, here is so many choices allowing you to open in classical or contemporary art. Many thematic museums are to discover, they pay tribute to a job, a site or to a character.
21 in Auvergne.
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Museum in Marcillat-en-Combraille

Maison de la Combraille

Laurent Place Pierre Bitard 03420 Marcillat-en-Combraille 03420 Marcillat-en-Combraille (Allier)
Phone : 04 70 51 10 23
traduction en cours
  • entry of 4 to 5 €

Museum in Monétay-sur-Allier


Guichard joel 2 rue les brouillards 03500 MONETAY sur ALLIER 03500 Monétay-sur-Allier (Allier)
Phone : 04 70 42 09 25
Exhibition of 700 puppets from 104 countries of the world.
Guided tour of one hour, with animations and demonstrations.
Explanation of the manipulations of the different types presented / sheath, ...
picture of Musée Yves Machelon
  • entry of 2.5 to 4.5 €

Museum in Gannat

Musée Yves Machelon

Mairie de Gannat 1 place Rantian 03800 Gannat (Allier)
Phone : 04 70 90 23 78

Museum in Pont-Salomon

Vallée des forges

Musée de la faux et de la vie ouvrière Rue des martinets 43330 Pont-Salomon (Haute-Loire)
Phone : 04 77 35 87 07
In Pont-Salomon, in the heart of the "Semène" Valley, discover an industrial heritage, intact testimony of the labour of the 19th century.
Visit the ironworks valley and its museum dedicated to ...
picture of Ecole Musée
  • entry of 3 to 4 €

Museum in Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille

Ecole Musée

DARNE René 4 rue Laurent Eynac 43150 Le monastier sur gazeille 43150 Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille (Haute-Loire)
Phone : 06 22 10 06 89
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