Accommodation, Bed and Breakfast in Auvergne

    Guest house
    Practical and friendly, here is what summarizes the formula of guest houses. Whom you are only or in family, come to spend one or several nights at the inhabitant. It is as a friend that you will be welcomed by the host and the hostess who can make you discover the local specialities during the meals which will be proposed to you.
97 in Auvergne.
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picture of L'Echauguette
  • High season of 65€ to 120€
  • Restaurant Menu of 15 to 23 €

Bed and Breakfast in Isserpent


DENIS Laurent Le Souchet 03120 Isserpent (Allier)
Phone : 04 70 41 35 04
Dans un village de la montagne Bourbonnaise a 20 min de Vichy et 15 de lapalisse.Laurent vous acceuil dans une maison de caractère.Avec Parc, piscine, tennis, billard, salons...Toutes les chambres ...

Bed and Breakfast in Nonette


RUDGE Terry Rue de l'ancien hôtel Dieu 63340 Nonette (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 71 61 38
6 Cheminees is in the outstanding Puy-de Dome, Auvergne region of Central France near the Volcanic Parks. The medieval site of the Cross at the top of the Puy of Nonette is a popular tourist ...

Bed and Breakfast in Bromont-Lamothe

Le Pré du Roc

Guillot Christine et Vincent Hauteroche 63230 Bromont-Lamothe (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 88 71 22
Notre maison est un ancien corps de ferme typique des Combrailles, datant de la fin du 19ème siècle. Nous y avons aménagé 4 chambres d'hôtes, meublées et décorées avec goût. La literie est de ...
picture of La Roussière
  • High season of 75€ to 90€
  • Restaurant Menu of 22 to 25 €

Bed and Breakfast in Saint-Clément

La Roussière

Christian Grégoir et Brigitte Renard La Roussière 15800 Saint-Clément (Cantal)
Phone : 04 71 49 67 34
Old farm of mountain in full nature on the southern slope of the Auvergne's volcanos, located at alt. 1019 m. nearby the Plomb du Cantal.

Brigitte and Christian accommodate you in this house of ...
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picture of Chateau de Lescure
  • High season of 49€ to 54€
  • Restaurant menu 27 €

Bed and Breakfast in Saint-Martin-sous-Vigouroux

Chateau de Lescure

Phoebe Sophie Couillaud Au milieu de nulle part 15230 Saint-Martin-sous-Vigouroux (Cantal)
Phone : 04 71 73 40 91
2 bedrooms with vaulted ceiling in the XIth century tower. One in the XVIIIth building; livingrooms and old auvergnat farmhouse; organic garden and cooking; homemade bread; hiking
picture of Chambres d'hôteset gîte  Domaine de la Grangeotte
  • Average season of 40€ to 85€
  • High season of 40€ to 85€
  • Low season of 40€ to 85€

Bed and Breakfast in Labesserette

Chambres d'hôteset gîte Domaine de la Grangeotte

Astrid et Francis Dubru Le Bourg , 15120 Labesserette 15120 Labesserette (Cantal)
Phone : 04 71 49 27 56  - Mobile phone : 06 03 23 01 47
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picture of LA MAISON
  • Low season of 54€ to 55€
  • Average season of 56€ to 58€
  • High season of 58€ to 62€
  • Restaurant Menu of 0 to 20 €

Bed and Breakfast in Giou-de-Mamou


Michèle Lafon Le Bourg 15130 Giou-de-Mamou (Cantal)
Phone : 04 71 64 51 55  - Mobile phone : 06 09 75 23 95
At the heart of volcano country in the Cantal, near Aurillac, near Super Lioran and Puy Mary, the town of Mamou Giou located between Valley and cere Jordanne Valley, home to the mansion perfectly ...
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picture of Chevrerie de saint yvoix
  • low Season 42 €

Bed and Breakfast in Saint-Anthème

Chevrerie de saint yvoix

Col yvan et michele Saint yvoix 63660 Saint-Anthème (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 04 73 95 44 63
Au coeur du parc livradois forez, venez vous ressourcer dans notre ferme renovee à l'ancienne.2 chambres de 4 personnes situees au 2 eme etage; salle de detente avec billard
possibilité d'assister ...
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