Fifi 2012

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FiFi 2012

from September 07 2012 to September 09 2012 Arnaud BONNET 03140 Saint-Germain-de-Salles (Allier) Mairie - 03140 Saint Germain de Salles
Phone : 06 33 19 56 25
Open website http://www.ptigart.com 3 days of festival July Saint Germain rooms (03): 7, 8, 9 September 2012! Organisé by the association Ptigart come shake hands and libérer your rétine in the FiFi! For his édition 7ème, the FiFi is great and offers you this année land Minées Râle Street Festival (= festival rural déterminé)!
The 7, 8, 9 September, the FiFi resumed service at the Pierre Saint Germain rooms Thivat stage. Films always, concerts yet, the théâtre property sûr and still more this année: 2 capitals of circus to welcome you! Non-programming surprises will be strict for this superb édition.
Meetings, and échanges, a grain of folly, a pincée of indépendance, a dash of politics: only? Come découvrir by you-même...
The entrée of the festival remains well sûr comes free price - each gives its means - and once the passées doors, festival-goers were free accès projections, concerts, shows, animations, etc.
Entrée free award of 7 seven Friday. -6 pm to 9 seven Sunday. -21 h stage Pierre Thivat - Saint Germain rooms restoration (we think also of the végétariens;) / snack / bar / free shop
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