Nuit médiévale fantastique et parcours d'art le 14 juillet à st pal de chalencon (43)

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Nuit Médiévale Fantastique et parcours d'art le 14 juillet à St Pal de Chalencon (43)

the Saturday 14 July 2012 j-c Borowiak 43500 Saint-Pal-de-Chalencon (Haute-Loire) St Pal-de-Chalencon
Phone : 04 71 58 48 33
Oyez, Oyez brave people, portcullises and damoiseaux!... If you live in the Haute-Loire, or must spend on the night of 14 July in the year of grace 2012, troubadours, noble people or bumpkins, costumed or non... COME all in the village of Saint Pal in Chalencon to participate in the wildest night medieval fantasy of the Region. Enthusiasts of the middle age, fantasy role play, top comedians and other festoyeurs of the neighbouring countries, imagine your finery, let your fantastic creativity to express themselves... just costume! and entry will be free. Even if you have planned something else that day, a party, a wedding, Fireworks, an evening between friends... no problem and even on the contrary... come together after, to complete your day because 3 doors opening will be at 19 h for a night surprise, outstanding and unforgettable, because "the ever" in the Region. A night of emotions, joy and revelry that you absolutely should not miss. Another world of odours, discoveries of another time, of course of miracles and other surprises where the art will be invited (ideas without other examples in the circumstances) with unusual visits and presentations original works of artists from large renowned as Olivier de SAGAZAN, Claude PRIVET, Evelyne GALINSKI, Jean-Claude BOROWIAK... excuse the few! Spread the message by your address books... Come many, costume, costume, only or in groups for a festive night none and in the meantime, take the info by word of mouth to ears, by telephone, and by all your address books. See you again...
It awaits you!
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