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La lave émaillée, un art "hatypic"

hélène Combronde Chemin des Charbonniers - Saint Maurice - 63270 63270 Vic-le-Comte (Puy-de-Dôme)
Phone : 06 75 83 46 19
Open website http://www.hatypic-design.fr The lava is a natural product ideal for indoor and outdoor decoration.
Mineral matter firm and solid, stone accompanies the return to grace of the noble and durable materials.
Email brings the infinitely customizable decorative touch. Enameled lava offers bright colors and all colours are possible. Red, blue, green, Brown and even purple, the palette and rendering are amazing.
Material natural, impervious to the climate, UV, pollution, corrosion by sea salt or sand. It is resistant to acids, solvents, stripes and antisocial behaviour.Resistance to the time has no equivalent on the market which allows to adapt it to the Interior and exterior decoration (see www.hatypic-design.fr/lave) Hatypic provides exclusively in the quarries of Volvic in Auvergne. Lava does not require any treatment before be enamelled in workshops located in Vic le Comte in the 63.
All products are made at the request and on specifications.
Tables and consoles for the inside or outside can be customised, be it in terms of size or colors that offer an infinite variety of tones. Decorative can be considered to find a specific hue, in agreement with an Interior.
Friezes and tiles have a unique high-end rendering. The reasons are endless and custom. It is also possible to include any logos or pictures for a unique interior. A frieze in enameled lava may be added to an existing part to a unique rendering.
The landscaping is also an axis of decoration with some Japanese in accordance with the garden or Park, and that will give him a unique stamp. Hatypic-design offers decorative totems as well as tables for outside.
You can see the range of products hatypic-design for decoration on the www.hatypic-design.fr/produits site

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